Richard "Dick" Lang

June 19, 1945 - February 21, 2012

We can't thank our beloved "Dictator" enough for bringing us all together.

Here is a poem written by Roseann Gardinier. Click here to view the video created by our talented video technician Gene Roberts in honor of our beloved "Dictator" Richard "Dick" Lang (founder of CNY COG, formerly CNY PT Cruiser Owners Club).

Tribute to our Dictator

It all began with a concept, an idea that sparked,

This little red PT, was not going to stay parked.

So, off he went gathering people together,

to shows they would go, no matter the weather.

He took his group and this club he began,

They became a family, this, he did not plan.

It wasn't about the competition, the condition of your car he would not judge,

It was about the fun they had together, from this he would not budge.

To his glorious show many would travel to come,

because to them, the beloved Dictator he had become.

For years they had fun, they laughed, joked, there were always smiles,

the memories they shared go on for miles and miles!

The friendships he helped create, are stronger than ever,

and they are ever grateful, now and forever.

We have had so many laughs, and lots of fun,

We thank you Dick for a job well done.

by Roseann Gardinier

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