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Cathy & Mark DeWolf

CNY COG director

“Our club was started in May of 2003 with a PT Cruiser show. 13 PT’s made our initial expectations to be true. PT Cruiser owners like to be around other PT Cruiser owners. Since then we have grown to a membership of about 100, locally.”


This was posted by Dick Lang – the former Director of the Central New York PT Cruiser Owners Club. I agreed to take on the Directorship in the fall of 2010 to give Dick time to attend to his health.


I remember when Dick approached me at work and told me that he had just gotten a car like mine – an Inferno red 2002 PT Cruiser – I have to tell you; I was less than thrilled! Mine was a 2001 and I had gone through hell getting it. “He could have at least gotten a different color” I thought to myself (of course, I really didn’t know Dick at all, but we worked in the same department at Chrysler). He also told me about a huge PT Cruiser show in Niagara Falls. I was non-committal, but I noted the day.


On June 22, 2002 my husband Mark and I decided to take our niece for a ride up to the Falls and see just what this PT show was all about. Dick had neglected to mention that the show was being held on the Canadian side and we drove around on the U.S. side for about an hour until we finally found someone who knew about the show and where it was. We headed over to the show site. It was amazing. There was a large display of PTs from Chrysler Corporation; the support that this show received from Chrysler was tremendous. Even more amazing was the amount of cars entered in the show and the modifications done to them. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement.


The most amazing thing of all was the fact that it was extremely hot – probably 92 or better – and unbearably humid; but that didn’t seem to bother anyone! We wanted to see all of the cars, but could not wait to get back in the car for some cool air. It was stifling. We did run into Dick and Sue Lang. They were under a pop up tent with another couple that I didn’t know and Dick invited us to sit for a while. We politely declined and continued our frantic perusal of the PTs. I remember commenting to Mark that they must be nuts to sit out there under the hot sun. Now that I think of it, they were some of the very few that even had any shade; the rest of the car owners were just sitting out there in the sun like it didn’t bother them at all. Totally crazy! We saw all that we could see in about 2 hours and gratefully jumped in the air conditioned car and headed home to the pool.


Dick dropped in to my cubicle at work some time after the Cruise the Falls show and told me he had become the Director of the local PT Cruiser club and invited us to attend the cruise-ins that were held at Bennigan’s on the Boulevard. That was the beginning of our long relationship with the wonderful people in this club.


Mark and I were at that first show in 2003. The actual date was June 7th. It was held in the parking lot at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. At the time Dick called it a “Meet and Greet”, I have it in my calendar as “Cruise the Turning Stone”. Out of the 13 cars that were there, seven of them were red! Even back then, Dick was on top of things. We had goodie bags and a ton of raffle prizes; and though it was only a couple of hours long, we thought it was a huge success.


Dick followed that up with the Romancing the Turning Stone in 2004, which was the first of the five annual shows to be held there. In 2009 the show was moved to the Holiday Inn on Electronics Parkway in Liverpool.


Not only did Dick do the show in May at the Turning Stone, he also set up a show in August at Sam Dell’s dealership in North Syracuse. We had shows there in 2004 and 2005, and then moved to Driver’s Village in 2006. The Rockin’ Around the Clock show being held August 25, 2012 will be the 7th year for the indoor show at Driver’s Village (formerly known as Cruisers in the Mall).


Although Dick Lang has stepped down as Director of the CNY PT Cruiser Owners Club he will forever and always be our beloved “Dictator”, and will be guiding me as I struggle to learn how to follow in his footsteps.


After all these years, what Dick discovered at the outset is still true today. PT Cruiser owners like to be around other PT Cruiser owners. I will take that one step further: car people like to be around other car people. I believe it will always be so.


John & Roseann Gardinier

Website coordinator

John and I have loved cars for many years. We had seen the advertisement for the PT Cruiser Shows in the newspaper, but life had kept us too busy to attend the first two shows, although they looked intriguing. One day while entering the Aldi's store in Canastota, a gentleman approached us and asked if we liked our vehicle. We of course said yes. As you well know, anyone who owns a PT Cruiser falls in love with it the moment they step in. He gave us what we call a "stalker" card, and we contacted Dick Lang a few days later.

Dick was charming and friendly, and encouraged us to come join him for a meeting.

For those who know us, it may be hard to believe, but we were nervous going to our first club meeting. We weren't sure what we were getting into, and were shy at first. On a cold January day in 2006, we went to our first PT Cruiser Owner's Club meeting.

Dick was smart, he knew just who to put us with at our first meeting. Moe & Shirley Tucker, and Bill & Carol Stearns welcomed us warmly, and set us at ease. There was great conversation, lots of laughs, and we were hooked! We never looked back, and have shared some of the most amazing memories of our lives.

We had a PT Cruiser sedan that month, but one of us (Roseann) just wasn't happy with the peeling paint, and HAD to have a better car. Off shopping we went, and by May, we had our purple Cruiser convertible. She was plain, but it didn't take long before the bling began. It's inevitable, once you see other vehicles, the ideas start flowing.

We look forward to every meeting and event. Dick was right when he said, it isn't about competition, or who has the best or most dressed up vehicle, it's always about the FUN!

We started out with just a PT Cruiser, and now we have 3 Mopar/Chrysler products, and we love them all. We are excited about the future of our car club, and we look forward to meeting more happy Chrysler product owners.

John and Roseann Gardinier


Carlo & Joann Basta

HI, this is Carlo & Joanne with our 77 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham.  We acquired it in Colonial Heights, VA, in April, 2013 and drove it straight through the Washington DC rush hour to get home.  This 41-year old car currently has 47k original miles.  Everything works, including the factory 8 track stereo.  We take it out on Saturday night dates, when the weather's nice.  Joanne and I met in 1979, but we didn't meet the car until 2013.


/Carlo Basta


Phil Benton

Mike Berry & Mimi Lewerenz

Mike and I joined the CNYPTCOG after talking to Dick Lang at the Spiedie Fest car show in Binghamton, NY about 3-4 years ago. we have a red 2005 PTConvertible Turbo. Our friends , Bill and Bev Roe had joined and the club prior and told us how much fun they have. We enjoy meeting new people and joined about 2 years ago. It is a great group of people and we were welcomed readily into the group.


Mike and Mimi


Brad & Vivian Brennan

Joe Chambrone

Maryanne Chizuk & Russ Minnie

Mark Ciliano

Vic & Kelly Coffey

Lorraine DeChick

Sue Findley

Butch & Ann Foley

Frank Gambocorto

Peter & Rosemary Garbarini

Deb Hier

Don & Bobby Hurst


Carole & Karl King

Denis King

Dave Lamb

Sue Lang

John & Heather Lellig

Ann Marie Letto & Steve Mason

How I became involved with the PT Cruiser Club by Ann Marie Letto:

((clear throat))


I had decided it was time to trade my Chevy Venture in and was looking for something smaller in size but could still fit several dogs crates plus dog show equipment inside. I had looked at several cross over products when at one dealership Steve (my partner) said “What about this PT Cruiser”. I had not heard much about them so I came over to look and see what he was talking about. I walked up to this tiny car that had a lot of style but where was the room? Was he nuts? I could not even fit one crate in there not along everything else too; I was thinking; but giving him the benefit of the doubt I peered inside. I saw leather seats, nice control panel, heated adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel, tinted windows (needed for the dogs), full size back seat plus cargo area in the back. I thought to myself, this might work so I started touching all the bells and whistles. Soon I found out I could make the back an entire flat cargo area that would rival my clumsy Venture. “Oh” I said… So we began the paperwork. I now of course had to wait for everything to be finalized and get prepped before I could pick it up. On my way home and for the next few days I started noticing PT’s everywhere that I had not notice before. I started to notice that some of them had a sticker on the back window that So they have a club for this? I was not a grease monkey by any stretch of the imagination and these people must know WAY more than I could even grasp. So the day came for me to pick up my new car. It was a gloomy rainy day and just went straight home. The next morning I was headed to work and coming around a corner at an intersection another PT was coming towards me in the opposite lane. The man behind the wheel was waving at me like he had not seen me in years. I had no clue who he was and chucked it up to mistaken identity. It happened again with another PT that same morning. For a third time it happened and I am thinking “okay, it must be the PT not me”. After a few days of these friendly traffic goers I decided to contact the website information I saw prior on the windows. My first contact was with the director Dick Lang who coddled me and answered a bunch of novice questions for a year before we would finally meet face to face. When I was finally convinced by Dick that I might have more in common and the same knowledge level as most of the members I decided to finally meet the “crew” at an ice cream run that happens on Wednesdays in the nicer months. I dove in with my PT and parked a slight distance from the line of PT cruisers parked up nice and close and sheepishly walked up to smiling joking circle of apparent friends. Dick came over to me and I introduced myself as Ann Marie and instantly Dick knew who I was “Oh, your our year long stocker” (great way to be remembered but I guess I was), he smiled and introduced me to the rest of the people. I was instantly welcomed like I had been there for years. They made me want to come back because there was no judging of who I was or what I knew about cars. The only thing they cared about was that I liked ice cream and I had a PT Cruiser. That was 4 years ago. My car has gone through quite a transformation with the help from my many new friendships. Even though I do not make every meeting; every time we are together it’s like we were never apart. This is the most wonderful, helpful and down to earth group of people I know and I cannot imagine it took me a year of being afraid to finally meet them.


Wes Lewis

Elsie Massett

Karen Matson

Ray & Cindy Merrow

Janet & Mike Meyers

Alex Milo

Dolly Milo

Mike & Donna Nash

Marty & JoAnn Oakes

In 2005 Marty took his truck to Sam Dell's in North Syracuse. When I drove him back to pick up the truck he made me come inside because he wanted to show me something. As I walked into the showroom there sat a beautiful PT Cruiser convertible.

That was mine before we left the dealer. When we picked it up I noticed a sign posted on the door about a PT Cruiser Club and to contact a Dick Lang. I wrote down the number just for the heck of it and Marty called a few days later just to see what it was all about.

Dick told us about the club and invited us to the show he was putting on at the Turning Stone. We really didn't want to get that involved yet so we did not show the car but took a ride out to see what it was all about. We looked up Dick and of course he remembered our name and walked us around. We were amazed at the things people had done to their cars and the friendliness of the people, and at that point we were hooked.


Harold "Hal" Philp

Jim & Elaine Riley

Marty & Mary Rinaldo

Gene & Robin Roberts

Bill & Rev Roe

Michael Ruppert

I found out about the club from doing a web search for PT cruiser clubs. I have always been a a Chrysler fan. My first car was a 1969 Dodge Dart. Of course It was, twenty years old when I got it. Because of the shape it was in, I learned quickly how to repair stuff on it that went wrong, and boy did things go wrong! But when you get your first car, freedom comes with it and I LOVED IT. My next Car was a 1973 Dodge Charger, and I loved it. I sold it and bought a brand new 1984 Dodge Charger, It was my first brand new car, and it was the biggest mistake made. The car was all kinds of trouble, and I had to get rid of it. I have had many cars over the years; and the only one I truly miss was my 1973 Charger, It was a good time of my life, and thinking about it brings back great memories. Me and my Dad, who has passed, drove it down to Florida, and spent some real good time together, both going and coming home. I have always wanted a PT Cruiser, and since I recently retired, from NYS I was a Officer and got hurt, I bought one. I love the retro look, and plan to put some chrome, moon hup caps, and some other things to make it look like it came out of the 1940's. I own a 1998 Jeep wrangler, and over the years have added some cool stuff to it. Big tires, lift kit, cold air intake, new soft top. When I think of Chrysler, I am reminded of my youth, my jeep takes me to cool places, and I just love the PT Cruiser. I look forward to meeting you folks.



Christine Rydningen

Chris Sauve

Joel Scarson

Jo & Flo Schneider

Roxanne & Kevin Seeber

Kevin was already car crazy and a fanatic about all things cars, so wasn't hard to convince him to go and check out a "cruise-in" I read about in the paper one morning. It mentioned a "cruise-in" for the CNY PT Cruiser car club. I had recently purchased a used PT, and it captured my interest. 

Who knew a chance article posted in the paper years ago could develop into one of the joys in our lives.

 That day we were greeted by the founder and leader of the club, Dick Lang. He introduced us around and told us a little about the club. He was so excited about a PT Cruiser show he had attended in Canada, showing us a whole album full of pictures he had taken at the event. Who knew there were so many modifications that could be done to a simple PT Cruiser?

We learned about all the shows and events, including the clubs own car show, "Romancing the Stone" held at The Turning Stone Casino, their cruise-in which usually centered around ice cream and food. (I guess if you can't get to a man's heart with his car . . . its food!)

I was hooked, it started a new journey for us and this is something we enjoy doing together.

We were introduced to so many people over that summer, Kevin's always been a car guy, so it was easy for him to talk cars.

The following year we traveled to "Cruise the Falls", (the Canada show), which was held at Niagara Falls. I'm remembering hundreds of PT Cruisers on the field, each tricked out to the owners personal whim or fancy. We've attended many shows over the years, "Cruise the Falls, Romancing the Stone, Cruise the Glen, Witch City Cruise in Salem, Mass. and Wildwood NJ

But ya know, it wasn't the cars that kept us coming back. Each show, each cruise, each ice cream run, we met others like us that just enjoyed being together.

We're still making new friends, having a great time and looking forward to our next "cruise".

We lost our leader this past year. What started as a man's passion for cars has brought so many together. He left quite a legacy.

He created more than a car club . . . He created a family!

FYI, as a side note the club is growing and it is in the process of changing its name to CNY Chrysler Owners Group.
If you own any Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, or Dodge product 1980 or newer, and if you love your vehicle like we love ours, please consider joining our club. New
members are always welcome.





Charlie Spina

In the spring of 2012 we started looking for a replacement for our 2000 Camry. We read about, looked at and test-drove lots of new and old cars, vans and SUVs.


Late summer we were still looking and thought we had it narrowed down to one or two. But, which one???? The changing technology made us decide to buy a used car for the interim. We always liked PT Cruisers and so decided to buy one as an interim car! We found our 2003 PT on Craig’s list and WOW. My wife Stephanie will have to use a crow bar to get the PT away from me.


It is the best toy car I’ve had since my 1969 Mustang fastback.


Now I have 3 Cruisers - the one I drive, a computer mouse and a model. Glad to have found a group of others with more than a crush on Cruisers.


Charlie Spina


Bill & Carol Stearns

In 2005 we were looking for a convertible to use as a dinghy for the motor home. The PT fit the bill, and we liked the color. Friends had purchased a gold Dream cruiser as a second car. They happened to be out for ice cream where there was a PT cruise-in. They were given the information about the club, and passed it on to us because they didn't feel they had time for it. We went to our first meeting at Danzers, met and sat with Moe and Shirley, and they took us under their wing. It took many meetings and outings to understand all the workings of the club but Moe and Shirley kept us in tune.   

Bill and Carol Stearns


Chet and Deb Stedman

Our dear friends and always beloved members of our Chrysler "family"!

 Texas is now an "Open Carry" state and we were just leaving to go to Walmart. (can't be too careful you know)


Cody Travers

Shirley Tucker

It was love at first sight for Moe, he thought the PT Cruiser was what he wanted, and my comment was "you're kidding". He ordered his first Cruiser on April 20th, 2000. We waited until January 9, 2001 to finally take delivery of his new baby (during a snow storm). I can't tell you how many times during those 9 months we visited every Chrysler dealership we could find to check and see if they had any cruisers available. We checked out a North Carolina dealer, one in New Hampshire, all local dealers, he even chased a car hauler all the way to Oswego because he saw a Crusier on the back. When the car was shipped out of Mexico, it was during volcano not far from the factory. We contacted Chrysler and got the rail car number it was shipped on, and every morning we checked the CSX website and tracked it's progress all the way to Syracuse. While we waited for the car to get here we were checking the internet for any reference to "PT Cruiser", happened to see there was a car show at the Turning Stone for Cruisers. We decided to enter the show so we could check out other Cruisers. When Dick received our entry, he called one night and talked to Moe and invited us to a meeting at Danzers. We went to a meeting, met a great bunch of people, the rest is history!


Dave Turnbole

Pete Warren